The dynamics of Local SEO indicators after RocketData activation
Source: Google
Industry: Banking retail

The period under review:
6 months in 2018 vs 6 months in 2019
(before and after the activation of RocketData)

How the visibility of the banks' listings has changed after the launch of RocketData
How the users' interactions with the banks' listings have changed after the launch of RocketData
Overall stats and advantages after RocketData launch
for the banking industry
An increase of listings' impressions up to 170% in search and maps due to the full and relevant data as well as listings' optimization according to local search ranking factors.
An increase of users' interactions (built routes, calls, clicks to your website) up to 110% which is accompanied by an increase of foot traffic to the banks' locations.
Time saving of the banks' staff to free it up for other important tasks thanks to the RocketData automatic information upload and fast mass confirmation of the locations.
Reducing the cost per lead compared to paid ads, where the rates are too expensive due to the high competition over the keywords you are targeting.
By quick and stable responding to customer reviews and questions, you growth your brand loyalty and trust as well as get valuable feedback for the future development of your business.
One of the goals that we pursued when setting up RocketData was to work with reviews more efficiently. Before, it was difficult for us to track feedback on each specific office or ATM, many of the reviews and questions have been missed that essentially affected our bank's image.

With RocketData, we solved this problem and now we monitor new customer reviews and questions on a daily basis. It is very convenient that all customer feedback is delivered into the single account, with notifications - it saves the time of our customer service department and allows us to handle with more reviews.

We would also like to note the quality of service of the Customer Care Department in RocketData. Our RocketData personal manager responds very quickly and fulfill all our requests that shows us the company's professionalism and customer focus.
Alexey Romanchuk, Press Secretary of JSC "Bank Dabrabyt"

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