Eurotorg & RocketData

Case Study

How to increase foot traffic to your stores up to 60%

Company's main goals when connecting RocketData
1. To update the information about all
the stores and continue maintain their "digital hygiene"

Today to have the relevant information about your store on the Internet is as important as to have
a signboard with its correct name.

When we saw the results of our online-presence report (Google, Facebook, navigation systems) in 2018, made by RocketData, we realized how much work we have to do to correct inaccurate information for each store.

To speed up this process and avoid mistakes when updating data manually, we decided to enable
the RocketData service.

2. To add new stores and publish new information quickly on location-based services

We take care about our customers and we strive
to provide them with the correct information.

The stores of our chain are spread through more than 330 cities in Belarus, and this chain growths constantly. Our company operates stores in 4 different formats and since 2017, we have been focusing on the development of a small format.

Due to rapid growth and a broad branches network, we need to have a tool that will let us quickly and massively publish information
on the Internet.

RocketData has become such a tool for us.

What steps did the company take with RocketData
How the company's online presence has changed
during the RocketData launch
  • How the visibility of the company's listings has changed
    after the launch of RocketData
  • How users interact with company's listings
    after the launch of RocketData
  • The dynamics of built routes to the stores from Google listings
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